RED DEER Bird Control Service

Are birds a constant source of disturbance for you in your private home or business area? Our birds removal services are safe on the birds and on your property tool. The goal is to keep them away without hurting them. We specialize in feral bird populations, this include pigeons and myna birds. If you leave these birds to continue to hover around your home, they might cause havoc and endanger lives and property in the long run. Each bird species has ts own has its own specific problems. The earlier you remove them from your premises, the better for the environment.

The Benefits Of Our Bird Removal Services- Red Deer Exterminator

Our Red Deer pest control services are one-of-a kind in the industry as we offer a customed designed solution that is specifically made for your bird infestation problem. We rely on specific product stickiness to remoce these disturbing birds from all corners of your premises. With the sticky substance we use for treatments, the birds get the feeling that they are being attacked and they will all fly away for safety.

As a result, they automatically begin to see your home and premises as a danger zone for them. They begin to associate less with the area and gradually, they find a new comfort zone in another zone, but this time, not your home anymore.

No matter the seriousness of your infestation problem, we have got a solution that works for you. Controlling birds is quite different from insect control. They don’t require the same control strategy. Insects needs to be exterminated entirely but birds needs to be removed. We don’t kill them. We only discourage them from seeing your home as a comfort zone permanently.

Get in touch with us today and experience first hand more benefits of our bird removal service. No one else can do it right, other than us.

Why Choose Our Bird Removal Services- Red Deer Pest Control

Our Team

Our Team

Our team comprises of well trained Red Deer pest control technicians that specializes in bird removal and environmental preservation. All of our team are expert in all kinds of bird problems and they are fully dedicated to the company’s vision of providing high quality bird control service.

Clean Surroundings

Our bird control services ensures your compound is clean. We do not just remove these birds from your home, we will clean up the mess they created from their infestation.



Even though our aim is to remove birds effectively from your home and business area, we do not forget the fact that we also need to conserve the environment. Our products are ‘green’ and environmentally safe.


We are not new to bird infestation problems and the kind of problem they create for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. We carefully inspect your premises and thereafter designed a custom solution that will handle their infestation once and for all time. We have a record of several satisfied clients who battled with bird infestation problems for many years and were able to overcome it with our effective bird control solutions. Get in touch with us today for an affordable solution.

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