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Bed bugs can endanger the life of you and your family. All over the world, bed bugs can be a source of stress for both homeowners and even all types of businesses. Bed bugs are not peculiar to a specific place as they could be found anywhere including schools, restaurants and of course hotels.

As a business owner, the last thing you want to find in your business premise is a bed bug. It can create a negative reputation of your brand and business in the face of customers within minutes. bed bugs can spread fast and may lead to a lawsuit which is the last thing you desire for your brand.

Whether it is in your home or business premise, a bed bug infestation is not something to be swept under the carpet. You need to get rid of it before it spread and poses a danger to humans and property. Unfortunately, there is little you can do personally to curb this situation. Even your greatest effort might lead to yet another spread or pose no threat to their habitat. For this reason, you need a professional bed bug removal company to handle it once and for all time.

We are a local Red Deer exterminator company offering bed bug removal service near you and including ALL of central Alberta. We will flush out those harmful creatures from your home and commercial property. We have successfully dealt with even the most stubborn bed bug infestation, so yours is no way different.

Benefits Of Our Red Deer Bed Bug Removal Services


Bed bugs can shed their cuticle skin up to five times as they develop. During this stage, applying pesticides as a form of treatment does not help matters as it can only make them more resistant. With time, such resistance will get high, and they can no longer be eradicated with pesticides alone.
By applying certain heat treatments, our qualified Red Deer exterminators can kill pesticides resistant bed bugs and those that are nonresistant as well. Bed bugs can never be resistance to heat as they die easily from excessive heat.

It might interest you to know that you don’t have to evacuate your building or bring out your belongings from your home during a bed bug heat treatment. We can disinfect your entire home or business premises and everything inside. You won’t have to throw anything away.

Our bed bugs treatment can kill the entire bed bugs in your home within a few hours of treatment.

Why Choose Our Bed Bug - Pest Control Red Deer Services

Different Treatment Options

Bed bugs do not just look unattractive and make a mess of your entire home, and they also harbor harmful diseases. If an employee or a customer falls ill from a bed bug sting, your business might face a lawsuit, and this will not spell well for its reputation. Fortunately, you can avoid such mishaps when you hire our pest control Red Deer service.

For Your Health

Different kind of pests requires different kind of treatments and approach. And when these bed bugs turn resistant, we know what to eradicate them without giving it a thought. We will help you determine their source of attraction and how best to prevent a future infestation.

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